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1st Step:  Request A Complimentary Initial Consult.
Whether you are a pastor, elder, deacon, or individual church member, mention this offer and request a confidential initial consultation by calling us at 904 824-4949 or click this box to open our confidential contact form:


2nd Step:  Sign-up With Our Easy Engagement Proposal.
We'll custom tailor the proposal to address a specific need or problem you have or to serve as your attorneys On-Call, here to answer your questions from time to time and help develop a logical and effective legal strategy.


3rd Step:  Retain our lawyers and law firm for $49 per month, less than your cable bill.
Our retainer means that we are your attorneys and ready to get to work when you're ready, and from time to time, as needed, on a priority basis. In addition to a monthly retainer, you will be invoiced for actual time spent working on your case based on our hourly attorney rates.